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Rephraser.net is an online writing service that advertises ‘professional’ and ‘manual’ rephrasing services. In addition to this, they also offer standard writing services. Since writing services are generally what our readers are interested in, we placed an order to have an essay written for a college student.
In addition to placing an order and evaluating the essay we received, we took several other steps. We read customer reviews. We researched the company on the BBB. We explored the rephraser website. We also took the time to interact with staff members of this writing service.

Delivery: 24 Hours
Prices from: $ 15.99
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“Keep calm and order now.” This is the call to action found on every page of the Writemypaper.io website. it doesn’t appear that this company has been in business for a long time, because we have not found a great deal of information on the web that goes more than two years back. Nonetheless, we have used all of the information we have found to provide this review – customer testimonials on the site, the Write My Paper site content, samples and blog posts, pricing, customer reviews we were able to find on the web, and our own experience with a research paper order and the customer support department. Here is what we can report.

Delivery: 12 Hours
Prices from: $ 13.5
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For a relatively new writing agency, BoomEssays.com has created somewhat of a “buzz” in writing service review circles, including a number of customer reviews that have been published on these sites and elsewhere on the web. We made the decision to conduct a review based upon a user’s request. In accordance with our policies, our review has been conducted using the same criteria that we use for all of our reviews.

Delivery: 6 Hours
Prices from: $ 12.99
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