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Essay Boom is definitely a newcomer. Our research shows that the company is about a year old. This information is important as it may explain some of the problems and missteps we encountered while preparing for this review.

To write this piece, we placed an order for an academic paper, researched the company on the BBB website, and read customer reviews. The following is a summary of our experiences.

Provided Services

Services are directed at students ranging from high school age to graduate school. They include the expected offerings of essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, etc. The company claims that all writing is original and done from scratch. We were able to verify that this claim is accurate. The paper we ordered did pass an originality test.

Product/Writer Quality

Our writer was friendly, communicated frequently, and asked several questions about our paper. Because of this, we were hopeful that our paper would be well written and insightful. Unfortunately, that was not the case at all. While the paper was not awful by any measure, it definitely did not meet the standards of a college level paper.

Our writer while clearly good at the vocation of writing was obviously not a subject level expert on our topic. Then again, we noted that the company only has a staff of 80 writers. That’s extraordinarily small and makes it impossible to provide a qualified writer for any topic. EssayBoom.com should either modify their claims or hire adequate writing staff.

Customer Support

We almost hate to come down on EssayBoom in this area, because every representative we spoke with online and over the phone was very friendly. Unfortunately, many of them were unable to answer some fairly basic questions about products and services. There was a clear lack of training in company policies as well.

Prices And Discounts

Essay Boom charged us about fifteen dollars per page. This makes their prices fairly average in the industry. Had the quality of our paper been 25 percent better, we would have been completely happy with the cost. Unfortunately, writing quality and poor customer service left a bad taste in our mouth.

However, we can report that they do offer discounts. We were able to use a promo code to save 20 percent on our first order. Other coupon codes are available and are based upon order volume. We were not able to determine if other, seasonal sales and special offers are made available. Nor did we subscribe to receive emails or other content.

Additional Benefits

Formatting, outlines, and bibliographies are advertised as services that are offered free of charge. We looked all over the EssayBoom.com website and were not able to find a blog, articles, or any sort of bonus content. Perhaps this will be offered at a later time. We were a bit surprised at the absence of customer testimonials though.


After considering all of the pros & cons, we cannot recommend EssayBoom to anyone at this time. While we have concluded that this company is not a fraud or scam, there are too many issues with quality and customer service. However, because the company is so new, we may consider doing another review down the road. We sincerely hope they work hard to address the shortcomings we have exposed here. As for now, our rating of this company is poor.

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I hired this writing service to write a review for me. It seemed an easy task, for a specialist, at least from my point of view. The deadline was a week. I got the paper in only four days, but it didn't appear to have been written by a professional. Full of mistakes and unstructured. I wish I didn't order from them.

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