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This review is based on the products and services offered by GetEssayDone.com. Before writing this review, we explored the company website, checked for significant complaints on the BBB website, and read customer reviews online. Finally, we placed an order and took the time to interact with customer support staff. Keep reading to learn more.

Provided Services

Like most other writing services, this provider offers writing, editing, and proofreading.  However, they have limited their product offerings to students only. This means they offer the standard academic writing services. These include essay writing, research papers, thesis and dissertation, lab reports, critiques, research summaries, presentations, proposals, coursework, and other academic writing assignments.

Product/Writer Quality

We asked Get Essay Done to provide us with a simple, four-page essay. We selected History as our academic area and the War of 1812 as our topic. We gave the writer very simple details and instructions. Essentially they were free to write about anything related to this war. As we communicated with our writer, we could see that they were struggling. So, we found some resources for them to use.

We received the paper on time. Unfortunately, the document we received was completely unacceptable. It was full of formatting issues and other errors. The testimonials that we read touting this company didn’t seem so believable anymore. Worse, when we contacted customer service, they hid behind policy and generally threw up roadblocks when all we wanted was a revision.

Customer Support

This is the first thing we notice about writing services. Unfortunately, the GetEssayDone website leaves much to be desired. The web content is poorly written to put it lightly. Most of it is nearly unreadable. We also found several broken links, page loading issues, and other problems. All in all, it was difficult to navigate or find the information that we were looking for. While this is not definitive proof that this company is a fraud or scam, we definitely found it concerning.

Prices and Discounts

Our standard quality essay with no additional purchases cost about thirteen dollars per page. This means that GetEssayDone.com prices are just a bit below average. This is a good demonstration of the fact that low prices are not necessarily better in this industry. In this case, low prices mean low-quality writing. We suspect that this is directly impacted by the fact that it is nearly impossible to find talented writers who are willing to work at such low wages.

We were offered a promo code to save fifteen percent off of our final order. This was because we were first-time customers. There were other discounts available as well. Unfortunately, coupon codes are not an effective way to balance out poor writing and lackluster customer service.

Additional Benefits

Students placing an order have the option of having their paper edited by a proofreader. They may also request an originality report. Both of these features cost additional money. In addition to this, the Get Essay Done website features a blog, FAQ, testimonials, and other extra content. Unfortunately, as mentioned above most of this is very poorly written without much relevance to the content. We also had a difficult time finding the blog as the link from the home page was not working properly.


We very strongly recommend that students do not use GetEssayDone under any circumstances. This company is a key example of a hastily thrown together writing service that is completely unable to offer up acceptable college level or writing or customer service. We have considered the pros & cons and tried to find some positives. However, our final rating is far below average.

Don’t be discouraged, if you are desperate to find a writing service, check out our other reviews. We have found plenty of companies that we are happy to endorse.

Donald reviewed

Preview getessaydoner

Listening to customer should be a priority in any company! But, GetEssayDone doesn’t know what it is! None of my complaints about poor quality of the paper was accepted! I had to finish and proofread the paper on my own. Why did I waste money on their “service”?

Albus reviewed

Preview getessaydoner

Nothing out there, except for the nice web design.
I believe the price and the quality are so different and cannot even be compared. You pay a lot for what? Unprofessional support and rude communication? And to all of that you can add badly written paper. Perfect collaboration with a professional resource with high prices, isn`t it?! It was the first and the last time that I contacted this resource.

Dudley reviewed

Preview getessaydoner

What can I say?
Are they even able to perform normal and expert writing? They failed my younger sister essay for high school, and I was "smart" to order my book report at theirs at the same time. The due date is tomorrow - and to tell the truth I`m frightened by the possible result that I might see with them...
No matter what - for me that was the last working time with them. I will never again want to have any kind of partnership with a lying resource.

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Erik commented


Looks like English is not the main language for the writers at GetEssayDone.com. How come that there are 40+ grammatical mistakes in my paper from a professional PhD writer?????

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