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NoNeedtoStudy.com is a company that offers various academic services to college students. This review focuses on the writing portion of these services. Before writing this piece, we placed an order for a paper, researched the company via the BBB website, explored the company website, and sought out insights from other consumers.

Provided Services

While this review focuses on the academic writing services offered by this company, we thought we would briefly mention some of the other services available as well. The company also offers to take online classes for students, to take internet based tests and exams, to complete MyMathLab assignments, and to participate in Blackboard discussion groups.

The fact that these services are offered causes us some ethical concerns. It is one thing to offer students help with difficult writing assignments. It is quite another to offer to take entire courses on a student’s behalf. The latter can effectively lead to educational fraud as a student could feasibly earn a degree without actually obtaining the knowledge and meeting the requirements set by the university.

We cannot speak to the quality of these additional services. However, online customer reviews on them skewed quite negative.

Product/Writer Quality

To be honest, our concerns about writing quality began when we first visited the company’s website. At first glance, it appears as if the writing is quite intellectual. However, a closer look at the content revealed many grammatical errors. To be frank, it was like reading a paper written by someone who doesn’t know the subject matter and uses overly stilted language to cover that up.

Not surprisingly, the paper we ordered was quite similar to this. It may have squeaked by with a C for a high school student. However, it was in no way acceptable for a college student. There were multiple spelling and grammar errors. Worse, the writer showed barely a surface level mastery of the subject.

Customer Support

We had to contact customer support on multiple occasions. We did this both via phone and online. When we needed to obtain information, we found No Need to Study agents knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately, that helpfulness did not continue when we had complaints or requested that the company actually stand by its own policies.

Prices And Discounts

NoNeedtoStudy does not disclose their prices on their website. We were also unable to find pricing anywhere else on the internet. However, in reading customer commentary about the company, the overall sentiment is that the prices offered are extraordinarily high. We also found no evidence of discounts.

We were able to confirm by contacting customer service that cost is determined on an individual basis. The rep also confirmed that no coupon codes were available. The rate we were quoted for our paper exceeded 25 dollars per page. This is nearly double what other writing services charge. A promo code would have definitely been a ‘pro’ in our list of pros & cons. We later requested a partial refund due to the poor quality work, and the company’s price match guarantee. Our request was bluntly denied.

Additional Benefits

We were not able to find any bonus content or other benefits on the NoNeedtoStudy.com website. Because of this, we are unable to provide commentary on this particular subject.


We cannot recommend NoNeedtoStudy for several reasons. First and foremost there is the mediocre quality of the paper that we received. Then, there is the subpar customer service. In addition to this, our low rating is also impacted by unclear and exorbitant pricing, lack of discounts, and failure to back up their own policies. Our negative experiences are also confirmed by reports from past customers of this company via reviews and testimonials. While we cannot rate them as a fraud or scam, there are enough concerns to categorize No Need to Study as a company to avoid.

Noel reviewed

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One of my friends used this writing service and was pleased with the result. I can't say the same. A revision was also needed, so I returned it and asked them to check the spelling. The paper wasn't all that great and I got a "B" on it.

Samuel reviewed

Preview noneedtostudyr

Their website isn`t useful. I mean, it is as useful as their services. I still wonder about the time that it had taken them to finish my essay that was based on English literature of the 21st century. Looks like the 21st century in their opinion is 1975 as well. I`m disappointed that I placed my trust in something like that. Thus, I give them only the lowest grade - that`s the biggest that they deserve.

Ramona reviewed

Preview noneedtostudyr

The term paper was delayed. However, it was checked for plagiarism and had none of it. The price was above average and I had heard nothing about their discounts. They kept me uninformed until a friend of mine told me about the special offers they give to every customer. What? Impressively rude! Do not recommend!

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