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At first glance, FreshEssays.com looks like a great writing service. The site is well-organized and the content well-written. There are written policies that can be found among the footer pages; links at the top of each page take visitors to basic information. And the company has been in business for seven years. In order to provide this review, we have read through all of the explanatory content on the Fresh Essays site, reviewed on-site testimonials, checked sample writings, and looked for off-site customer reviews. We also ordered a university-level research paper, assessed its quality, and contacted the customer support department with questions about products and services. The following is our FreshEssays review.

Provided Services

Fresh Essays primarily offers academic writing to undergraduate and graduate students – essays, papers, all other types of assignments, projects, etc., but it has also branched out into other areas of writing services. It provides business writing, and resumes/CV’s; it also offers admissions and scholarship essays, as well as editing and proofreading. In this respect, it is a full-service agency.

Product/Writer Quality

Given the quality of content writing on the site, we expected that FreshEssays.com would provide high quality writing. So, we began our investigation with the writing samples that are published on the website. Unfortunately, they were a disappointment. While the grammar was relatively good, the pieces themselves reflected rambling, sometimes incoherent, flow. It was difficult to follow an organized structure, and the lack of a thesis statement was glaring. One sample, on the Russian Revolution of 1914-1917, was terribly disjointed and it was impossible to follow any train of thought. The same was true of a sociology piece reviewing two movies.

The blog contained posts that were far more logical in flow, but then a blog post is not a piece of scholarly writing, and customers need scholarly writing.

When we reviewed customer feedback and comment that was posted off-site, we saw some of the same concerns that we had with the sample writings. The paper we ordered was much the same. FreshEssays just does not offer the clear, crisp writing that professors want to see.

We can certainly state that Fresh Essays is not a fraud or scam. But the quality is just not there for college-level writing.

Customer Support

We did contact customer support via phone and live chat, on three occasions. We inquired about their promise of a 3-hour delivery guarantee; we had questions about their dissertation production and delivery. We were told, during one conversation that we could get a full dissertation within six days – perhaps the customer support rep was not fully trained, for this is impossible. Still, they were friendly and tried to answer our questions.

Prices and Discounts

Fresh Essay prices fall within the low-average range, beginning at just $10 a page for an essay with a 14-day deadline. At the graduate (professional) level, price-per-page and run as high as $48/page, still within the low-average range. Our research paper cost $136.00 before adding the promo code for the 7% discounts for all new customers. There are also discounts for single orders of $500 or more, ranging from 5 – 10%. To get these, customers need to contact the support department for coupon codes to enter. The company also publishes a newsletter and offers periodic special pricing discounts.

Additional Benefits

There are guarantees. Customers will get writers who are degreed in the topic fields of the orders; confidentiality is guaranteed, along with free revisions, deadline adherence, and plagiarism-free products.


We were unable to find a Fresh Essay BBB membership, which we like to see in writing services. It provides legitimacy and methods by which companies are given a rating. As we look at the pros & cons of Fresh Essay, we can say that, although the site itself is nicely designed and developed, the real gauge is quality of products. In this area, the company falls. We are therefore providing an overall rating of “Fair.”

Jason reviewed

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The worst service I have ever tried for custom paper writing! How come Fresh Essays hire freshmen and pretend to have PhD writers???? It easily can be seen after you receive your paper. Such a disgusting scam! Such a waste of a quite big amount of money! Can I sue them??? Who knows?!

Picasso reviewed

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Price of $10 should make you aware. Run away from such a cheap price. Plus, their writers are liars. I was hearing a lot of differ stories of why my paper was delayed. As the result I wasn`t even given an apology nor moneyback. Awful service!!

Ashton reviewed

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The best way to lose your face in front of the whole class is to order a term paper completion on this writing resource. Although mine had a plagiarism report that proved the quality and forbid any single hint of copy-paste or stolen content presence, it was a total lie! I should have checked myself as well. My professor did. And I was opened for a plagiarism suspension issue.

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Henry commented


Not a trustworthy resource Fresh Essays is! My paper had plagiarism of almost 17%. Is it normal? My complain or request for edition wasn’t accepted by the support team. Cannot recommend it as a professional writing service.

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Sofia commented


Being customer friendly is a must for any service! I`m sure I`m not alone thinking like that. But no, support crew at FreshEssays thinks competently different and allows itself to be rude with you because you`re not satisfied with their work.

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